Route Mate – A Travel Training App for Android

Welcome to the Interactive Systems’ Route Mate site. This site is for users of Route Mate, and people interested in finding out more about the app.

Route Mate is an Android app developed to help people with learning disabilities to access employment opportunities by helping them to plan and then follow their routes to work. Each route comprises a set of landmarks and associated photos, plus the option to set a weekly alarm.

Routes can be created on the learner’s phone, or on a dedicated web page and then transferred to the device. After being created, a route needs to be recorded once, to enable the device to monitor and alert the user if they go off course or might be late.

Route Mate offers 3 modes to support travel training

  1. Planning – where the learner and trainer can either use the device out in the field to create a route, or the web page, where access to resources such as Google’s Street View may help to develop the route with its unique landmarks.
  2. Use – where the learner navigates from start to end via the predetermined landmarks, and is alerted if they stray from the recorded route.
  3. Challenge – when the learner begins to get proficient with a journey, the app can be set up to present discoverable locations as well as, or instead of, the previously defined landmarks.

The software has been developed at Nottingham Trent University for the RECALL Project. It has been in testing and piloting over the summer of 2012 and the final version is now available on this site.

This web site intends to:

  • give access to the Android app and inform users of updates.
  • support the app beyond the lifetime of the RECALL project.
  • provide a place where strategies and experiences can be shared.
  • enable reporting of bugs and other issues that you may encounter.

So please sign up to keep informed of development and updates to Route Mate.