RECALL Project

RECALL logoRECALL is a European Union, Lifelong Learning ProgrammeLifelong Learning Programme project that has been developed to meet a need identified from years of research in working with user groups of people with learning disabilities and their teachers/trainers. This research has shown that on leaving compulsory education, people with learning disabilities, who have previously been provided with transport to allow them to access community activity, suddenly become excluded from lifelong learning and community activity because of their lack of independent travel skills.

RECALL’s major product is Route Mate, a route learning tool developed for Android in English, Bulgarian, Greek and Romanian, which allows people with a wide range of disabilities to plan and practice new routes to work, leisure and other activities that involve re-connecting with their communities. It also has a challenge mode which provides a range of playful activities to help people with disabilities understand the connection between map-based representations of the real world and these corresponding real world locations. The system concentrates on route learning rather than route guidance as the latter has been shown in research to suppress cognitive map development.

There are three modes of RECALL which have been implemented and tested to allow people with disabilities to develop new routes to work and other leisure and community activities; including Plan, Usage and Challenge. Our approach combines location based services with games based learning approaches.

The Plan and challenge Setting mode are available via the ‘Console’. If routes are planned here they are ‘pushed’ to the phone. The Route Mate App comprises the Plan, Use and Challenge modes.

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